Retired tea plucker, acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere


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" It is a hard and demanding discipline to succeed in realism in to a painting. It needs devotion, patience and practice."



I am trying to make you knowledgeable in things related to art you may or may not have heard of. Travel destinations that you have never seen but dreamt of. Sri Lanka, its people, culture and wildlife in the most simplest manner with pictures and videos.

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Realistic Art Available for sale

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I believe getting to know the subject in their natural habitat plays a major impact on a realistic  finished painting

  • Big cats

  • Buffaloes

  • Elephants

  • Deers

  • Horses .....etc.

Gentle Giant, oil painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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  • Endemic & Migrant Birds of Sri Lanka

  • Falcons

  • Owls .....etc.

Golden Eyes, acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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Long lasting treasure for your family and friends


Portrait paintings from reference photos.

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Macky, oil painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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  • Antique Collection

  • Glassware

  • Tables with fruits, wines and household goods

Egg boiler, oil painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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Landscapes & seascapes of beautiful Sri Lanka

  • Misty moutains

  • Enchanted hidden woods

  • Tea estates

  • Archeological sites

  • Magical country-sides

  • Natural rain forests

Purity, acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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I have been dealing with pets all my life mainly dogs and cats. I know them in and out and that's why my pet portraits are personal, expressive and so touched.


Pet portraits from reference photos

Daphne Girl, acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere
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I love the incredible details in your art😍 cute😍


정말 멋져요...!!! 😮😮😮😮 that's a nice works!! it's great to meet your wonderful works. I really learned many things in your feed. Thanks for all your lovely works  😍

Claire Marsh

Owner and Director at Download Artwork Limited

This is soooo good. Can't take my eye's off "the eyes"! 😍

Insens Basic

Maria ti si slikarka najbolja na svetu. Tvoje slike su perfektne savrsene zelim ti secu u poslu koji volis veliki pozdrav iz male Srbije na Balkanu u Evropi


Gosh you are an amazingly gifted artist

Phil (Patrick) Slipper

Property Refurbishmen

Hi Maria Beautiful Painting did You Paint the angels in the eyes deliberately

Jerry Stahl

Very informative and professionally well written. Thanks for sharing Maria.

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